Back for good…

Years flew by. My last post from 2010. When was that? I don’t even remember. One thing about time, it seems to go faster than our memories.  Impossible to keep up. As the memories fade, they become dreams. And dreams are quickly forgotten. Occasionally one pops into your head. A fleeting déjà vu.  A face. A place. A smile. A tear. It touches your soul and you stop for one second. Reflecting… Why does it always feel that the past was better?

Seven years. Big chunk of time. I’m still the same. Or am I?


2 Responses to “Back for good…”

  1. janek says:

    What do you think the next 7 years are going to bring?? Or maybe it’s best not thinking about it, and maybe not even the past, but thinking about the moment?

    The past is always so beautiful to think about. Part of it, I remember reading somewhere, is that the good and positive experiences are more easily committed to our memory. So we always love the past.

  2. Luc von Carrot says:

    i can’t predict the future so maybe better not to think about it. stay positive and live life one moment at a time. one thing i’m sure is that the next 7 years will bring more change. hope for the better 🙂

    i think you are right. thinking about past we always remember the good experience. also, maybe because we were younger and there were more opportunities to do things differently. it’s good to reflect but don’t waste too much time on it because you will miss the next good thing that’s just around the corner!

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