Word on communication

There must be better ways to communicate than words.  It would be tragic for a spiritual being to have only such a limited and flawed way of expressing thoughts at his/her disposal.  Communication is a fundamental skill that needs to be developed above anything else. Failure to communicate is the root of every problem.

3 Responses to “Word on communication”

  1. JBM says:

    Nonverbal communication accounts a huge chunk of the communication spectrum between people I imagine. Anytime someone smiles, winks, laughs, cries, handshakes, hugs, frowns, claps… Even when someone varies intonation when the speak can help communicate different ideas! This… I like to think… is where one’s spirit communicates.

  2. Luc von Carrot says:

    I think spirit communicates on a totally different plateau. Words, gestures, tone of voice all can be misunderstood. On the spiritual level there cannot be misunderstandings.

  3. Marta says:

    Communication doesn’t seem to be “the root of all problems” in other species. I think communication is overrated. Actions speak louder than words anyways.

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