Today it was +29 Celsius and I biked to work.  Tomorrow it will be +31 and I’m going snowboarding 🙂 Later I’ll go rollerblading. Only in Australia and Cagary is that possible. Say what you want but this city has charm.

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  1. Betsy says:

    What happened to spring? I envy you because over here the temperatures have dropped to 14 C and I really miss the heat. Snowboarding and rollerblading in one day? Crazy.. 🙂

  2. JBM says:

    Lucky bastard. Here it’s also been around 15 C, and will be for awhile.

  3. Luc von Carrot says:

    We didn’t get spring this year. It was cold and now it’s warm. Today at Sunshine I saw more skiers and snowboarders in shorts and t-shirts than at the beach party. snow was sticky but still good. and it made for soft landings! i may go again on monday – the last day of the season! i didn’t go rollerblading because i came home too late and i’m going out with a couple of friends tonight. the weather should cool off on tuesday and we may get some rain. but who cares, i’d be working then. it’s easier to sit in the office when outside it’s pissing rain. and the rain will wash off all the dirt and gravel off the bike paths. it will be better for rollerblading.

  4. JBM says:

    I think you should reflect on the ‘technological singularity’

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