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Technological Singularity

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

In response to popular demand I reflected on this concept. First of all I should indicate that I don’t feel comfortable with any topic that has word “technology” in it. Therefore I will make it short and sweet. The technological singularity is a hypothesis that artificial intelligence will eventually surpass the intelectual capacity of humans. In my humble opinion this idea is absolutely ludicrous. Mathematically it doesn’t make sense: artificial intelligence is a subset of man intelligence, logically the subset cannot become bigger than the superset.  You can have a line of credit to get more money than your worth, but I never heard of such a thing as intellectual line of credit. From engineering perspective man is the most sophisticated piece of equipment. He is so sphisticated that he can’t even figure out half of his own functions. Yet he dares to theorize that he can develop something more superior than himself. From theological perspective the idea that man can create technology more advanced than he is himself is implying that he can create better things than God. To put this idea in perspective we need only to consider our measly accomplishments in context of the universe created by God to reach the conclusion that the only area where we can truelly exceed ourselves is arrogance.