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Friday, May 16th, 2008

Today it was +29 Celsius and I biked to work.  Tomorrow it will be +31 and I’m going snowboarding 🙂 Later I’ll go rollerblading. Only in Australia and Cagary is that possible. Say what you want but this city has charm.

True Colors

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Today I found out that I’m green. That means I seek knowledge and understanding; I need explanations and answers; I value intelligence, insight, fairness and justice; I am a natural non-cnformist, a visionary, a problem solver. That sounds good, but could I not be blue? Don’t I need to feel unique and authentic? Don’t I look for meaning and significance in life? Don’t I need to contrubute, to encourage and to care? Don’t I value integrity and unity in relationships? Am I not a natrual romantic, a poet, a nurturer? A fivefold yes! But hey, lets not settle down yet, what about orange: I can act on a moment’s notice – I did last weekend when my friend called and asked if I want to go for a beer! I do consider life as a game, here and now. I do need fun, variety, stimulation and excitement – that’s why I go to the mountains every weekend and fly all over the world whenever I get a chance. I definitely value skill, resourcefulness and courage – I think everybody does. And to a certain degree I can see myself as being a natural trouble shooter, a performer, and definitely a competitor. And last but not least I should also try to see if the gold fits: I don’t mind following rules and respecting authority as long as they are reasonable and not stupid. I would say I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in life. And for sure I want to be useful and belong, who doesn’t? I value home, family and tradition – that’s why I go home every chance I get. I’m not sure if I’m a natural preserver, definitely not a parent, but I like to see myself as a helper. So in conclusion I can be any color really. I’m all over the spectrum. I’m so multicolor that I should be a rainbow.